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Shandong Guangyao Super Thin Glass Co., Ltd.
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Shandong Guangyao Super Thin Glass Co., Ltd. was established in April 2005. It is a joint-stock enterprise based on the production and operation of glass and glass products. It is the only ultra-thin glass manufacturer in Shandong Province. The company is located in Shouguang City Economic Development Zone in Shandong Province. It covers an area of 810 acres and has convenient transportation. It is 150km away from Qingdao Port. The company has 1,200 employees and 160 management and technical personnel. The company has a beautiful environment, a high starting point, new technology, and a one-time ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification and ISO14000 international environmental quality certification. The company won the Shandong Province high-tech enterprises and famous trademark enterprises in Shandong Province and other honorary titles.
 The company now has a 230T/D ultra-thin glass production line, which can produce ultra-thin glass with a variety of specifications of 0.7 mm -1.5 mm; There are three 600T/D floating glass production lines that can produce 2mm -20mm high-quality floating glass; A 600T/D ultra-thin float production line can produce 1-3 mm ultra-thin float glass. The board width of the glass production line is 4000mm, and the effective plate width is 3660mm; At the same time, the company can produce a variety of silver mirrors, aluminum mirrors, tempered glass, adhesive glass, low-reflective glass, pressed glass, printed glass, hollow glass, painted glass and other deep-processed glass.
  With the continuous development, it has become a group company, and it has 10 subsidiaries under the banner: Shandong Guangyao Super Thin Glass Co., Ltd., Shouguang Yaobang Glass Technology Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Guangyao Glass Technology Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Fukang Glass Co., Ltd., Shandong Shouguang Guanghui Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Xinyao Materials Co., Ltd., Linyi Zhengsi Sand Co., Ltd., Shouguang Xinyao Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Shouguang Tea Co., Ltd.. Shouguang Yaobang Import & Export Co. Ltd..
  Shandong Guangyao Super Thin Glass Co. Ltd. mainly produces and sells ultra-thin glass; Shouguang Yaobang Glass Technology Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Guangyao Glass Technology Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Fukangguangyao Glass Co., Ltd. mainly produce and sell floating glass and floating glass deep processing products; Shandong Shouguang Guanghui Chemical Co. Ltd. mainly produces and sells various chemical products such as insurance powder, soda, Coke sodium sulfite; Shandong Xinyao Materials Technology Co. Ltd. mainly produces and sells LOW-E energy-saving glass; Linyi Zhengtong Silicon Sand Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells quartz sand, a glass raw material; Shouguang Xinyao Energy Conservation Technology Co. Ltd. is the only service organization that Shouguang has the ability to reasonably use its qualifications for fixed asset investment projects; Shouguang Tea Real Estate Co. Ltd. is a multi-functional cultural industry center business district; Shouguang Yaobang Import & Export Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in the foreign trade business of our group company.
   At present, the company's products have been sold to all parts of the country, and exported to the United States, South Korea, Italy, Russia, India, Brazil and more than 50 countries and regions around the world, has received the trust and praise of domestic and foreign customers.
The company with advanced production equipment and technology, to a great extent to meet the needs of the market; And the successful implementation of the enterprise resource planning management(ERP) system and OA office software, all kinds of management more convenient and standardized. The company has always upheld the business philosophy of "morality, respect, development, and win-win". With its unique corporate culture and lofty corporate beliefs, it provides high-quality products and after-sales services to the society. It welcomes friends from all walks of life to join in cooperation and seek common development.